Radio Tributes


There have been a few radio and TV tributes to Denny over the years. Denny's old friend Len Marten paid tribute in 1986. Alan Dell paid tribute following Denny's death in 1993. Denny's biographer, Mike Carey paid tribute on Radio Derby in November 2005 and I paid a small tribute to Denny on Thornbury FM's 'Dance Band Days' more recently. Peter Lindup has made his 1983 interview with Denny available to us via Youtube and this website.

The following programmes are made available to Denny's many fans in the interest of furthering his name and reputation as one of Britain's finest vocalists. If it is thought that copyright has been broken, I shall be happy to remove any of the following tributes.

The files are recorded as MP3 files. This should make them small enough to download. The quality of the file is acceptable but it is far from that of the original. Right click the file and download.